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Tragedy Strikes: A Mother’s Love Cut Short in a Night of Celebration

Casey Lynn Mae Allen, 32y, was a young mother of four children who lived with them and her husband, Christopher Dean Snow, 31, in Gainesville, Georgia.

Casey Lynn Mae Allen Obituary 2023 - Poole Funeral Home and Cremation Services

A Mother’s Love

Her older children were from Casey’s previous relationship and were 9, 7, and 3 years old. The youngest, just 3 months old, was the only child also fathered by Christopher.

Casey Lynn Mae Allen Obituary 2023 - Poole Funeral Home and Cremation Services

According to Casey’s family, she loved being a mother and adored her children. “If you could just make a list of what the perfect mother would be, it would literally be about her life,” said Tiffany, Casey’s sister, in a statement.

Casey’s Vibrant Life

Casey was born on June 12, 1990, in Syracuse, New York. Daughter of Alicia and Richard, she had two older brothers, Michael and Richard, and a younger sister, Tiffany. With a degree in Criminal Justice, she joined the United States Army soon after graduating from college in Georgia. She enjoyed cooking, running, spending time with friends, and game nights. Her family described her as someone with a heart of gold and always tried to help those in need. She saw the best in people and encouraged them to be the best version of themselves.

At the time, Casey was working as a manager in a children’s clothing company, having previously worked in the hospitality industry. One of her former employers considered Casey a “natural leader” with a bright future ahead.

A Fateful Celebration

According to Casey’s family, she was in a very happy phase of her life with the recent arrival of her fourth child, the first with her current husband. Gainesville man slit his own throat while driving after fatally stabbing wife, detective says - Gainesville TimesChristopher was also very excited and was an excellent husband, father, and stepfather. On Friday, April 14, 2023, Casey and Christopher decided to go out for a romantic and fun night to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. To do so, they left their children to spend the night at the home of one of Christopher’s aunts.

Tragic Discovery

On the morning of the following day, Saturday, April 15, 2023, Christopher showed up at his aunt’s house alone, seemingly nervous and disturbed. He told her that he and Casey had a very ugly fight and that Casey had left home, and he couldn’t find her. When Christopher left again, supposedly to look for Casey, his aunt, who found the situation very strange, decided to call the police to request a check of the couple’s apartment. Upon arrival, the officers found Casey lifeless, with apparent signs of assault and knife wounds. Immediately, a search for Christopher began, and he was found on the same day after being involved in a serious car accident and was taken to the hospital. Days later, after being discharged from the hospital, he was arrested.


Silent Aftermath

The car accident that Christopher was involved in was not fully explained. Many people believe he intentionally caused the accident in an attempt to take his own life, as he crashed his car at high speed into the median of a highway, all by himself. Apparently, Christopher refused to speak, both about Casey’s death and the car accident, using his right to remain silent. Not even Casey’s family can say what might have motivated Christopher to take the life of the woman he professed to love in such a brutal and violent manner on the night they were celebrating their first anniversary.

Casey Lynn Mae Allen was murdered by her husband, Christopher Dean Snow, a day after celebrating their wedding anniversary. | Lipstick Alley

Seeking Answers

Tiffany, Casey’s younger sister, gave a statement, saying, “She was happier than I had seen her in a very, very long time. She always said how he was a great father and a great stepfather to her other three kids.

I never expected it to be this way. He brought her so much happiness. I just want to know, why? You loved my sister so much, how could you do this? It’s so confusing, and we’ll never get the full answers from him; it makes everything so much worse.” However, Tiffany also admitted that Christopher had acted violently toward Casey before, early in their relationship before they were married. “She said it was only once, he apologized several times, and I had nothing to worry about.

They were very happy every time I saw them,” said Tiffany, without providing further details about what exactly happened during that alleged episode of violence. To this day, Christopher remains incarcerated in the Georgia state penitentiary, awaiting a trial date that has not yet been set. If convicted, he could face a sentence ranging from 30 years to the death penalty, as Georgia is one of the states that still retains this form of punishment for brutal murders. After the mother’s death, Casey’s three older children went to live with their father, and the youngest child, who is also Christopher’s child, went to live with the paternal grandparents.


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