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The Chilling Chronicles of Alberto Sanchez Gomez: Unraveling the Horrors of the Cannibal Boy

Who is Alberto Sanchez?

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, a 26-year-old from Madrid, Spain, concealed a terrible secret behind his seemingly ordinary life. In this account, we delve into the events that turned Alberto and his mother, Maria Soledad Gomez, into the victims of a true tragedy.

A Shattered Peaceful Past

Alberto grew up as a smart and shy boy, but the death of his father in 2008 left deep scars. Mourning triggered a spiral of depression and alcoholism in his mother, Maria. At the age of 13, Alberto began manifesting rebellious behaviors, introducing drugs and alcohol into his life.

Descent into the Abyss in Greece

In pursuit of a change, Alberto went to study Accounting and Finance in Greece. However, instead of redeeming himself, the distance exacerbated his problems. Alberto sank into the use of heavy drugs like “bath salts,” leading to dropping out of studies and living on the streets.

A Sinister Return

Maria frequently kicked Alberto out, but he would return after living on the streets in deplorable conditions. Despite obtaining a restraining order against Alberto and facing physical abuse, Maria, as a mother, accepted him back. Alberto was seen frequently on the balcony, throwing glass bottles at people passing by.

Alberto was also admitted three times to a psychiatric hospital in Madrid, receiving psychotic treatment. However, upon release, he reverted to the same violent behavior. His violence was primarily directed at his mother, but not exclusively; he was often seen on his balcony throwing glass bottles at people passing by.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Maria

In February 2019, a neighbor noticed Maria’s absence, prompting her to contact the police for a welfare check. Aware of Alberto’s aggressive behavior, the police visited his home, where Alberto admitted that his mother was dead inside. The police found nothing unusual until they reached Maria’s room, discovering a human head, part of the scalp, and an ear. The police found 1,000 pieces of Maria throughout the apartment in containers and bags.

The Shocking Account of Alberto

Alberto, handcuffed, was taken to the Madrid police. In his statement, he detailed the events leading to Maria’s death. About a month earlier, they had a heated argument during breakfast. Alberto, overwhelmed, choked his mother, claiming to hear internal voices urging him to end her life. Alberto tightened his grip until she lost consciousness and passed away. The same voices instructed Alberto to dismember her, using a carpenter’s saw and two kitchen knives. He stored the pieces in containers and plastic, consuming the flesh over several days.

Unveil the horrifying story of Alberto Sanchez Gomez: from a troubled past to the gruesome act that shocked Madrid. A descent into darkness and a chilling crime that defies belief.

Alberto confessed to eating the cooked and even raw meat in an attempt to make his mother disappear, also feeding it to his dog. He attributed the blame to the voices in his head, haunting him since the age of 15, a secret he kept due to their threats.

Consequences and Trial

Alberto’s lawyers tried to argue that he was in a schizophrenic crisis at the time, but psychiatrists disagreed. They determined Alberto had traits of antisocial, paranoid, and narcissistic personality disorders, not schizophrenic tendencies.

Based on this, Alberto was deemed fully aware of his actions and was sentenced to 15 years and 5 months in prison. Additionally, he had to pay 60,000 euros in compensation to his brother. The exact day of Maria’s death and how long Alberto sustained himself on her body remains unknown.

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