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Innocence Lost: The Tragic Tale of Micaelly ‘Japa’ Lara and the Shadows of Obsession”

Young Influencer Tragedy

Micaelly dos Santos Lara, also known as Japa, was 19 years old at the time of this case and lived in a condominium in the Jardim Santa Clara do Lago II neighborhood in the city of Hortolândia, São Paulo, along with her mother, Patrícia Lara, and her two brothers.

Influenciadora e ex-namorado são encontrados mortos dentro de carro - Hora  Campinas


Digital Stardom

Micaelly had recently completed high school and worked as a social media influencer, where she created videos of herself dancing, showcasing her daily life at home and in the gym, and her overall routine. Combining all her social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, Micaelly had over 1 million followers and nearly 3 million likes.

Vídeo flagra últimos minutos de vida de influencer morta em SP; veja |  Metrópoles

Dreamer and Provider

She was described as a dreamer, hardworking, and someone who knew exactly what she wanted. Micaelly had dreams of marrying her current boyfriend, Vinny Pollo, building a family, and being able to live and travel through her work on social media.

Fatal Encounter

According to her boyfriend, Micaelly loved making videos for her audience, enjoyed interacting with people, had a playful nature, and was always looking to make new friends.

Obsessive Relationship

Moreover, Micaelly was deeply attached to her family. She financially supported her family whenever she could. She was a kind young woman who always wished the best for others and loved to spoil and give gifts to her two younger siblings.

Vídeo mostra influencer entrando em carro antes de ser morta

Fateful Night

On May 15, 2023, around 1:30 PM, David Aparecido da Silva Alves, a 30-year-old man who was described as Micaelly’s “ex-boyfriend” from a club they had met, called her to meet in front of the condominium where she lived. He drove to the front of the condominium in his black Civic car and invited Micaelly to enter his car through WhatsApp messages. The family claimed that David couldn’t accept the end of their relationship.

Silent Suffering

“She said he was in a very bad state, that he had ruined her life. I’m not sure what he was saying to her. She didn’t go into much detail, but he had manipulated her in some situations. She said she was feeling bad, that she didn’t want it anymore, that she didn’t want to be with him, but he wouldn’t accept it,” one of Micaelly’s aunts shared in a report.

Access to Firearms

Micaelly’s mother, Patrícia Lara, refuted rumors on her daughter’s social media that David was her boyfriend and clarified that their relationship had been brief and superficial. Patrícia emphasized that David was a random person Micaelly had met, and he had developed an obsessive infatuation with her. She further stated that there was no romantic involvement between her daughter and David, contrary to the speculations that arose after the incident.

Forewarning Tragedy

Micaelly’s current boyfriend also reported that David couldn’t accept their breakup and sent her messages every day. He mentioned in a video, “I told her, ‘This guy is a psychopath, this guy is crazy. If I were you, I’d leave, go to the beach, I don’t know, spend some time away because this guy wants to do something bad to you.’ You could see he was insane; he arrived here very calm, very confident.”

Unforgettable Memories

Micaelly then approached David’s parked car and got inside. It is unclear what they discussed, or if there was any argument between them. However, the condominium’s security cameras captured the exact moment when Micaelly entered the car.

Vídeo mostra influenciadora entrando no carro do ex antes de ser morta com  tiro em Hortolândia | Campinas e Região | G1

Enduring Impact

According to the Military Police of Hortolândia, the neighbors and the condominium’s manager became suspicious of the car parked with the engine running for over 7 hours. They contacted the authorities, who arrived at the scene around 8 PM. Upon opening the vehicle, they found Micaelly and David inside the car, both deceased with gunshot wounds to the head, and David holding a pistol.

According to the crime scene investigations, it was a case of femicide followed by suicide.

One of Micaelly’s aunts revealed that she had been a victim of David’s abuse during their time together. The aunt, amidst the commotion, disclosed that both Micaelly and David denied the abuse, but she assured that it had occurred during a recent trip the couple took to Guarujá.

David used a semi-automatic 9mm pistol to commit the crime. It’s important to note that he was a member of a shooting club, which granted him access to firearms.

Upon analyzing his cellphone, the police identified WhatsApp status updates showing the firearm used. Moreover, it was confirmed that David had a registered status as a Collector, Sports Shooter, and Hunter.

Micaelly’s current boyfriend, Vinny Pollo, shared on social media that David had approached him two days before the crime, making threats. This led Vinny to suggest to Micaelly that they take a break in their relationship. In his words, Vinny expressed the pain of losing his girlfriend and reminisced about the dreams they had planned together.

“‘Darling, are you okay?’ That’s what I used to ask her every day, and she loved it. Today, all these memories are stored in my mind. It’s very painful to know that you’re gone, and I won’t be able to tell you how beautiful you are anymore. She loved taking showers with me and got upset if I didn’t invite her to join. She loved lying down with me and talking about her dreams, wanting to travel with me, and that will be etched in my heart. I’ll never forget you, Japa,” he wrote.

Despite their brief time together, Vinny recounted that he had lived the best period of his life with Micaelly and had never expected the tragic death of the influencer.

With deep sadness, Micaelly Lara’s family, friends, and fans gathered at Hortolândia Municipal Cemetery on May 18, 2023, for her burial. The place was adorned with white flowers and candles.

Those present witnessed the profound impact that Micaelly had. May her memory endure as a constant reminder to combat violence against women and serve as a call to build a world where love prevails over hatred, and where everyone can live in safety and peace.


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