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Tragedy Strikes: Unveiling the Heartbreaking Tale of Fernanda Souza Silva’s

Fernanda Souza Silva

The origin of evil, so inhuman yet so deeply ingrained in its existence, challenges our understanding. Whether it arises from ancestral survival instincts, troubled social and cultural environments, mental illnesses, or conscious decisions, the possible roots of this behavior are vast and varied. Faced with numerous approaches to its understanding, from psychology to religion, will we ever be capable of eliminating the manifestation of evil in the human heart?

In Bela Vista de Goiás, a peaceful and pleasant city with just over 30,000 inhabitants and close to Goiânia, a shocking crime brought fear and became the main topic among its residents in 2020. Fernanda Souza Silva, 33 years old, had been missing since February 12, 2020. Her body, displaying signs of violent death, was found a week later, bringing grief, indignation, and questions to her family and the local community.

Família procura por gerente de hipermercado que desapareceu após sair de  casa, em Bela Vista de Goiás | Goiás | G1

Fernanda was someone who stood out in her life, whether for her determination to achieve her dreams or for her zest for life. With a contagious smile and a charming personality, she was deeply loved by her family and colleagues. Those who knew her had only praise and affectionate words to describe her.

Dedicated to her work, she was an essential part of a hypermarket chain for 11 years. She started her career as a cashier and, thanks to her competence, rose to become a manager. Fernanda simply loved her job because it allowed her to achieve professional fulfillment and realize her biggest dreams: owning her own house and car.

As a manager in a hypermarket located in the city of Goiânia, she had the habit of parking her vehicle near a bakery close to her home and taking a bus to Goiânia every day. She followed the same route back home. In early 2020, she crossed paths with a man 11 years her junior, Alan Pereira dos Reis, 22 years old, on the same bus. After three chance encounters on the same route, they began to talk, and she gave him her phone number.

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Initially, everything was going well between them. Fernanda shared with a friend how kind and attentive he was. It didn’t take long for her to update her social media status to “in a serious relationship” on February 2, sharing a symbolic image of two hands holding a flower, one hers and the other Alan’s.

However, it didn’t take long for her new partner to reveal some strange behaviors. The first evidence of his questionable conduct was when he unexpectedly showed up at Fernanda’s home, even though she hadn’t given him her address. Upon arriving home and discovering the situation, she sent a message to her friend, saying, “Can you believe who’s here at the door? The bus guy. He showed up unannounced, even though I only gave him my phone number. It’s scary!”

Her friend immediately advised her to be cautious. But despite his questionable behavior and her friend’s advice, Fernanda trusted him, and their relationship quickly intensified.

However, it didn’t take long for other abnormal behaviors to surface. Alan concealed his past from her, including his two previous relationships and the four children he had from those relationships. He also showed considerable jealousy in the early stages of their relationship, subjecting Fernanda to his possessiveness and allowing him access to her social media and private conversations.

Their relationship, marked by controversial behaviors, didn’t even have time to establish itself because a few days later, Fernanda simply didn’t return home after leaving for work. She was last seen on a Wednesday, February 12, 2020, when she left her car parked in front of the bakery, as usual, to catch the bus to work. Her inexplicable disappearance deeply worried her family and colleagues.

Her mother, Fátima Souza, tried calling her that day but received no response. Later, apparently, Fernanda herself sent her a message explaining that she was in an area without cell phone coverage and, therefore, couldn’t answer. In another message, she mentioned that she was having problems with her phone and if she couldn’t respond anymore, that would be the reason.

On Thursday, the 13th, the family couldn’t accept the lack of news and began to suspect that something was wrong. Fernanda also sent messages to her coworkers, giving some generic instructions and explaining that she would be in the hospital, so she couldn’t go to work. However, she didn’t specify which hospital or the reason for her visit. Concerned, her coworkers shared her disappearance on social media.

The next day, early in the morning, the family filed a missing person report. Her boyfriend, Alan, was with them at the police station during the report. He informed the family and the police that their relationship had ended on the morning of Wednesday, the day of her disappearance, and he was worried about her, but he had no further news. Authorities instructed Alan to stay in the city and keep his phone on. However, to the family’s surprise, he also disappeared after they left the police station. There were later attempts to contact him, but they were in vain because his phone was always off.

Anxious, the family returned to the Bela Vista de Goiás police station in the following days in search of information about Fernanda, but there was still no news of her.

Mãe e irmã encontram fronhas rasgadas na casa de gerente de hipermercado  desaparecida

On the 18th, the following Tuesday after the disappearance, a sequence of events would unfold and determine the course of the search for answers. Fernanda’s family went to her residence and noticed some strange things: there was a broken curtain rod and Fernanda’s pillowcases were torn.

Alan came under the radar of the Civil Police as a suspect after disobeying and disappearing and after an anonymous tip informed the police that he was seen entering Fernanda’s house. The police went to Fernanda’s house and noticed that there were footprints containing soil inside. With this information, the police went to rural areas of the city, where, after conducting a series of searches, they found a piece of wood containing traces of blood and strands of hair. Another fact that helped put Alan in the sights of the police was the information provided by his ex-wife, which proved crucial to the investigation.

Blood on the Melon: Chilling Evidence Points to Alan Pereira dos Reis

His ex-wife, when approached by the police, said she found it strange when Alan showed up at her house on Wednesday, the same day as Fernanda’s disappearance, with a car and bank cards, items he supposedly didn’t have. Alan had taken his ex-wife and her two children to go shopping at a mall and a market in the city, even buying clothes, toys, and groceries.

A detail that caught the attention of the police was that there was a melon in Alan’s ex-wife’s house that she had bought at the supermarket. The fruit, transported in the car that was with Alan, had a bloodstain. The woman found it strange and told the police. The melon was sent for analysis, and preliminary results indicated that the blood was human. Based on this evidence, the police considered Alan the main suspect.

Fateful Encounter: Alan Pereira dos Reis Faces Justice

After the outing with Alan that day, his ex-wife learned of Fernanda’s disappearance through a friend. When she checked Fernanda’s social media, she saw a photo of the vehicle, a red Fiat Uno, and panicked when she realized it was the same car she had been with Alan in.

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On the same day, the 18th, the police managed to locate and arrest Alan. He had boarded a bus and was trying to leave Goiás for Tocantins. Thanks to the police’s tracking of Fernanda’s cell phone, which he had in his possession, his arrest was possible. He even tried to confuse the officers by presenting a forged driver’s license but was apprehended after being recognized by a tattoo he had.

End of the Search: Fernanda Souza Silva’s Car Found Abandoned

The next day, Fernanda’s car was found by the Civil Police. The vehicle was abandoned in a wooded area in Bela Vista de Goiás. Hours later, unfortunately, the police ended their search because they had found Fernanda’s body, which was in a wooded area between Caldas Novas and Piracanjuba, a region near Bela Vista.

Confessions of a Killer: Alan Pereira dos Reis Admits Guilt

Upon his arrest, Alan admitted to the police that he had taken Fernanda’s life. He initially claimed to have committed the crime because she spoke ill of him and didn’t allow him to see his children. A shallow and illogical excuse.

Twisted Tales: The Changing Narratives of Alan Pereira dos Reis

Later, Alan changed his story and claimed that the crime was committed impulsively, without planning. He said he was consumed by hatred and had been influenced by malevolent forces.

A Family Shattered: The Aftermath of Fernanda Souza Silva’s Tragedy

Upon learning of Alan’s arrest and confession, Fernanda’s family was devastated. Vilma de Souza Silva de Castro, Fernanda’s sister, described her pain as surreal: “It’s a pain, like, it feels like we can’t even believe that something like this is happening. It’s very sad. My mother is too shaken, only God can comfort her.”

Fernanda’s mother expressed her indignation at Alan’s coldness. She recalled that on the day they went to the police to file the report, he appeared to be present and concerned, playing the role of a ‘good Samaritan.’ “What this guy did to my daughter was very cruel. He acted all nice the whole time, even in the last moments at the police station, he acted all nice. He has no heart. He got me water when I was feeling unwell at the police station. He kept calling me.”

Manoel, Fernanda’s father, told a local reporter while anxiously awaiting confirmation that the body was indeed his daughter’s: “It’s a father’s feeling, sadness… she was a humble person, hardworking… always with us, asking for blessings, when I was hospitalized, she stayed with me, she was too good.”

Facade of Kindness: Alan Pereira dos Reis’s Deceptive Charade

According to the police, after committing the crime, Alan, displaying astonishing coldness, went to the police station pretending to be concerned about Fernanda and her family, even offering support to her family. Later, with the same coldness, he went to a shopping mall in Goiânia with his ex-wife and children, where they bought clothes, toys, and had a meal together.

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Fateful End: Alan Pereira dos Reis’s Mysterious Death

A former coworker of Alan, upon learning of the crime, told a local newspaper that Alan was a ‘womanizer’ and had a strange behavior at work because he threatened people when contradicted. He was a person with violent behavior.

On the 22nd, just four days after his detention, Alan was found dead in his cell. According to information from the Penitentiary Security Superintendence, he occupied an individual cell. Two days before his death, Alan sent a note to his lawyer mentioning that he had been the target of threats and assaults.

Unanswered Questions: Fernanda Souza Silva’s Family Seeks Closure

Fernanda’s family was left without answers. Why such evil? Why was this done to Fernanda? One thing is certain, evil aims for two things: death and self-interest.

In Memoriam: Fernanda Souza Silva’s Legacy of Love and Light

Fernanda was a happy, smiling, peaceful woman without enemies, successful, caring for her parents, and deeply loved by her family. It is with these qualities that they wish to preserve her memory.

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