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Aspiring Influencer Anna Leikovi Who Killed Her Own Mother

Anna Leikovi’s Aspirations and Social Media Presence

Anna Leikovi was a young medical student living in Moldova, located in the former Soviet republic. At 21, Anna dreamt of becoming an influencer. With nearly 10 thousand followers on Instagram, she regularly shared her day, posting selfies in luxurious locations. Since a young age, Anna had lost contact with her father but remained close to her 40-year-old mother, Praskovya Leikovi, living in Germany.

A Downward Spiral: Anna’s Struggle with Substance Abuse

However, as Anna entered adulthood, she started attending numerous parties, engaging in excessive alcohol and drug consumption. Her grandmother described the young woman’s lifestyle as “immoral,” considering her disobedient. In November 2020, Anna was found at home due to an overdose. After this incident, Anna told her mother that she had quit her old habits.

A Shocking Turn of Events: The Brutal Attack on Praskovya

On December 11, 2020, Praskovya visited Anna’s home and noticed a change. She asked Anna if she had resumed drug use, but Anna remained unresponsive. Praskovya stated her intention to hospitalize Anna, enraging her daughter. Anna, in a fit of anger, grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her mother.

Praskovya fell to the floor, screaming in pain. Unsatisfied, Anna opened Praskovya’s chest and abdomen, while she was still alive, removing her heart, lungs, and intestines. Shortly after, she took a bath and joined her boyfriend at his house.

Confession and Arrest: Anna’s Nonchalant Courtroom Behavior

Upon arrival, they began drinking champagne, and Anna confessed to killing her mother. The boyfriend doubted her story and started asking questions, but Anna remained silent. He waited for her to fall asleep and then went to check the house.

Upon discovering Praskovya’s body in the kitchen, he alerted the police, leading to Anna’s immediate arrest and temporary detention. In the first hearing, Anna appeared indifferent, lying on the defendant’s bench, casually cleaning her nails. After a psychological examination, she was institutionalized in a mental facility. The jury deemed her criminally irresponsible, questioning if she acted alone.

The police are still investigating whether Anna acted alone or had assistance. Anna’s family seems incredulous that she could commit such a cruel act, as they believed the mother and daughter were very close.

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