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Unveiling Tragedy: The Heartbreaking Journey of Ana Paula Campestrini, a Story of Love, Struggle, and Justice

Unveiling Ana’s Life

Ana Paula Campestrini was 39 years old at the time of the events and lived in the city of Curitiba, Paraná, along with her girlfriend, Luana Oliveira de Melo, a woman she had recently met shortly after the end of her marriage.

Ana was described by her family as a good person with a pure heart, a strong fighter who always pursued what she wanted. Furthermore, Ana never fought or argued with anyone; she was cheerful, fun, and playful.

Born in Lontras, a small town in the interior of Santa Catarina, Ana took care of the home and had been married for at least 17 years to a lawyer named Wagner Oganauskas.

Together, they had three children, one girl who was 18 years old and two boys who were 12 and 10. Despite not working outside the home, Ana dedicated herself to her children and her relationship. She took care of the house, the kids, and was essentially always focused on the family’s health and well-being.

In 2018, Ana began to identify as a homosexual, and for this reason and others, she and her husband, Wagner, began to have constant fights and disagreements, leading to their separation.

Struggles and Separation

The fights and the breakup also affected the lives of their children, who, with no fault of their own, witnessed all those moments.

New Beginnings

Following Ana’s decision to end her relationship with the lawyer, she took only a few clothes and left the house they shared, leaving the children to live with their father.

Some news reports had access to messages exchanged by the former couple in 2018, at the beginning of their separation. The lawyer mentioned their children several times, and from the messages, one could sense his anger over the separation.

Wagner frequently mentioned his children in aggressive messages directed at Ana. He also referred to his ex-wife using terms like “witch,” “selfish,” and “insensitive.”

The distance from her children, the discovery of her own sexuality, the separation, the threats, and conflicts with her ex-husband, all of these factors made Ana go through very difficult and anguishing times. Additionally, she was alone and had no one to support her during those moments.

Love Found Again

But in 2019, Ana’s life changed completely. She met Luana Oliveira de Melo, a woman who would become her friend and girlfriend.


After living together for just over two years, both working and Ana taking on a job as a rideshare driver, they were achieving their goals and were happy with the relationship they had.

Unfortunately, that happiness was about to come to an end. On June 22, 2021, Ana was invited to the club where her children were members to receive her membership card, something she had always wanted after separating from her ex-husband, who happened to be the club’s president.

The Shadow of Influence

He used this influence to prevent Ana from spending time with her children in this private club, which offered various sports and activities. Ana had no access to the place and had often watched her children from the outside.

Ana then took her car around 8 AM and went to the club, which was approximately 10 km from her apartment.

Luana reported in interviews that she received messages from Ana saying she was very happy because she had obtained the club membership card that her children used. However, she was also somewhat apprehensive.

Tragic Conclusion

On her way back to the apartment, Ana noticed that she was being followed by a red motorcycle and, alarmed, she tried to accelerate her vehicle to shake off the person following her. Unfortunately, when she arrived in front of her condominium, she was confronted by the man following her.

After questioning witnesses, the police concluded that Wagner was a prime suspect in the case. After being taken in for questioning, Wagner denied being the mastermind behind the crime against his ex-wife and claimed that he had never suggested that having Ana Paula in his life would be a problem.

The investigations continued, and suspicious messages exchanged between Wagner and Marcos Antônio Ramon, his friend and coworker at the club where Ana had visited that day, on the day before and the day of the crime were discovered.

Unraveling the Plot

Through security camera footage that captured the motorcycle of the perpetrator following Ana and the moment of the crime, the police already suspected that Marcos Antônio might be the person who committed the crime.

The most crucial piece of evidence was the discovery of financial transactions that Wagner had made to a cousin of Marcos Antônio, totaling up to 38,000 reais. The police believed this was the payment Wagner had made to Marcos Antônio to carry out the crime against Ana Paula. The defendants in the case went to trial at the Curitiba Jury Court on February 24, 2023.

During the trial, Wagner continued to claim his innocence, while Marcos Antônio finally confessed to the crime but presented a completely different version that cleared Wagner of any involvement.

Confession and Confusion

According to Marcos Antônio, he had planned and executed the entire crime with the intention of framing Wagner to take over his role as club president.

“I thought it was a way to make money by removing Wagner from the presidency. I was second in command in the club. I thought of a way to get Wagner out of the way. I looked for anything that could discredit him, saw that he had a dispute with his ex-wife, and logically, he would be the one to blame,” Marcos Antonio said during his confession.

Marcos Antonio also claimed that the 38,000 reais he received from Wagner corresponded to a commission payment from a contract arranged at the club.

Dark History Unveiled

It’s worth noting that Marcos Antonio had previous run-ins with the law. In 2013, he was sentenced to three years in prison for drug trafficking.

In 2014, while working as a college professor, he was accused of sexual harassment by a female student. He allegedly attempted to kiss the young woman, stating that it was a way to ensure her passing the course. In 2018, he was also accused of domestic violence by his partner, who reported that she was assaulted and threatened by Wagner, who stated that he would take her life and remain unincarcerated and retain custody of her daughter.

At the moment of Marcos Antonio’s confession, Wagner fell ill and required medical attention, being removed from the courtroom. Nonetheless, the jury did not believe in Wagner’s innocence, and both men were ultimately convicted.

Justice Served

Wagner, the victim’s ex-husband, received a sentence of 25 years in prison for aggravated homicide through femicide, vile motive, and means that hindered the victim’s defense. His accomplice, Marcos Antônio, was sentenced to 28 years, 10 months, and 15 days in prison for the same crime and for tampering with the legal process due to deleting messages on his phone.

Luana, Ana Paula’s girlfriend, expressed the following upon leaving the trial: “The jury’s decision was unanimous; the evidence was clear, the team was impeccable, and we’re very happy because we achieved justice for Ana. Now it’s time to celebrate and move forward.”

After further investigations, the authorities finally uncovered the location of the motorcycle used in the crime. The motorcycle was found in a rural area of São José dos Pinhais, completely disassembled and buried.

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